canik tp9sf for sale

CANİK is proud to present the METE Series pistols to the public in MKEK sales offices. METE family pistols are semi-automatic, polymer framed, striker fired, SAO pistols, operating on proven standard short recoil – locked breech principle. TP9 METE Series pistols constitute the culmination of our efforts to produce the best gun you can trust under any condition and in every task. CANİK METE has planned its family as 5 models that consolidate its features according to the needs of different task profiles. These models are TP9 SFx METE, TP9 SFT METE, TP9 SF METE, TP9 SF METE-S and TP9 SUB METE. TP9 SUB METE, one of these 5 special METE models, will continue to be produced only in accordance with the special demands of official institutions and will not be sold from MKEK offices. On the other hand, TP9 SUB ELITE MKEK, our other popular model in the sub-compact segment, will be presented to users in sales offices.

In order to operate in the harshest conditions in which the real world tactical situations may unfold, including extreme hot and cold weather, dirty, sandy, and dusty environments, all METE family pistols are expected to meet the highest standards in terms of reliability, durability and accuracy. Therefore all pistols come with external Tenifer or Cerakote over Tenifer finish, and in addition have their internal firing components nickel plated to ensure smooth operation, corrosion resistance and durability with a service life of well above of 50.000 rounds. Moreover METE family pistol members are designed and produced to display an exceptional level accuracy with less than 10 cm of bullet dispersion at 25 meters.

All pistols are equipped with an internal accessory picatinny rail (Mil-Std-1913) under the barrel and Micro Red-Dot interface with Co-Witness feature on the slide to be able to carry various accessories to meet changing operational requirements and different operator preferences. All METE pistols (except for SUB METE) can be installed with a Mag-Well to allow faster reloading and improve the grip. Eventhough they come in different sizes, METE family pistols are fully ambidextrous, all have a common trigger weight, same trigger to grip distance, trigger travel distance and reset distance as well as slide and magazine catches positioned in the same place, allowing the shooters to transition easily between different models without impairing their gun handling and shooting techniques.

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