Our mission

Considering our nation’s needs,
We design, develop, and produce innovative weapons that possess a high international sale potential within the lowest and the uppermost segments of small arms category (namely,pistols, heavy machine guns, and light automatic cannons).
We constantly upgrade/improve our weapons and develop new accessories and equipment to make them more operator-friendly and efficient.
We design and develop software and hardware that can seamlessly merge with our weapons to augment their performance and to facilitate their use and maintenance.
We invest in a qualified workforce that will help us achieve the aforementioned objectives by identifying customer needs as well as global trends, concepts, and technologies, and by developing appropriate solutions.

Our values

To become a truly global brand.
To prove that our company is about so much more than the manufacturer of the best pistols, and that it is also an innovative and successful player in the weapons market thanks to our new products in the uppermost segment of small arms and the ground-breaking solutions that we are developing by drawing upon information technologies.
To be ready for international collaborations to produce state-of-the-art medium-caliber automatic cannon systems.
To manage the production, sale, and marketing of our products in dozens of countries on four continents.
Under the Canik Academy, to offer comprehensive training programs tailored to the needs of private and public customers at Canik Academy.
To build the network and to employ the workforce necessary and capable to develop the products and services that our foreign customers might demand.
To become one of the top three companies in the business.